rdBPtools Manual version 1.00

Last Updated: 18th January 2023

Section 1. What does rdBPtools do?

rdBPtools is a C++ plugin that extends the Blueprint functionality to easily create prefab type Blueprints from Actors laid out in the level with sophisticated Randomization.

It gives options to create them, and also copy them back to the level as simple Actors again without loosing any configuration data.

It’s also completely compatible with rdInst, a highly optimized C++ Static Mesh Instance Handler – converting any Static Meshes used in your Blueprints to Fast Instances – both at run-time and in the Editor. You can also “Assimilate” child actors – take over their Instances. Both at run-time and in the Editor.

Every Actor can be assign randomization settings – you are able to control the position/scale/rotation and visibility of each item – and items can be reliant on other items.

It also has a system built in that allows you to Show and Hide any section within your Blueprint at runtime. This is an extremely powerful feature – you can do things such as have one section in your Blueprint the exterior of a room (walls etc) and another section/s the interior. It is simple to trigger the Showing of the sections from events such as the Door Opening, or Closing behind you.