Tutorial 13 – Changing the Look with Themes

Themes are a powerful way of customizing the look of your Blueprint.

Every Actor and Folder in your Blueprint can be assigned any amount of themes that it should display in. If it has no theme, it always gets displayed.

You can set an actors Themes from the Randomization Settings Window, just add as many themes to the “Themes” textbox, separated by commas.

For Folders, they need to be edited from the Blueprint itself, either in the Blueprint Editor to set it’s default themes, or in the Details Outliner with your Blueprint selected in the world. Right-Click on the Folder and select “Folder Randomization”.

For the Hotel example, it made sense to only have one Blueprint that has the assets for the bottom floor, middle floors and top floors. The only real difference is the Roof and the Railing.

Step 1. Put the Roof and the Railing into their own folders

Move the actors for these Sections into their own folders, the Roof can also have the guttering. You should see something like this:

Step 2. Create the Blueprint and open it in the Blueprint Editor

Create the Hotel Room Blueprint in the same way as you have in Tutorial 4.

Step 3. Change the Theme for the Roof and Rail Folders

In the Blueprint Editor, Right-Click on the Roof Folder (SceneComponent) in the Component Outliner and choose the “Randomize Folder Settings…” option in the rdBPtools Subfolder. In that window, type “TopLevel” into the Theme box.

Do the same for the Railing, but type “BottomLevel,MiddleLevel” into the Theme box.

Step 4. Done, add to the level and set it’s CurrentTheme.

Add the Blueprint to the level, and test by typing “BottomLevel” into it’s Theme option, then “MiddleLevel”, then “TopLevel” – you should see the Roof and Railing Hide and Show at the correct times.

rdBuildBuddy can be used to pass in Themes, for instance with a Wall generator Buddy, it can be set up to pass in the “BottomLevel” for the bottom line of objects, “MiddleLevel” for the middle levels and “TopLevel” for the top level.