rdBuildBuddy Manual version 1.0

Chapter 1: What is rdBuildBuddy?

rdBuildBuddy is a set of Blueprints to help build large scale constructs. A procedural spawning system that can spawn Static Mesh Instances, Blueprints, Niagara FX and virtually anything you can think of, in systematic ways.

rdBuildBuddy has been created with High-Speed instancing in mind – when combined with rdBPtools prefab like Blueprints with their Instanced Meshes (rdInst) and extended functionality you can create extremely fast large scale constructs that are reactive in the world – I do mean fast too – it’s hard to compare with the normal style mixture of instances and actors because it is so much faster.

rdBuildBuddy is pure Blueprint. It has the option for you to use custom Instance Mangers which can either be Blueprint (It comes with a default Blueprint Manager) or c++ plugins.

There are 4 main “Placement” types – these are the Actors that you place into your level. By using Placement Actors and adding Components, it keeps the number of Actors in your Level to a minimum.

The actual Build tools are Components that you drop into the Placement Actors (DropIns) – you can have any number of these DropIns on each Placement Actor.