rdInst Tutorial 15 – Using the Stats Profiling Tool with Blueprints

Version 1.10 introduces a new function in rdActor that gives you the ability to profile your Blueprint Functions and display the results with the Epic Stats viewer in-game.

Firstly, the profile name space for rdInst is, funnily enough “rdInst” – so at the console at any time you can type “stat rdInst” and the details will be shown.

C++ Profiling

If you’re wanting to profile your C++ routines, that’s a simple as adding the line below to your header file (replacing myFunction):


and then in your C++ file, add the line below:


Add that at the beginning to profile the whole function, or to profile just a section, wrap it in squirley brackets {}.

Blueprint Profiling

To Profile a Blueprint Function it’s slightly different. Where you’re wanting to normally call your Blueprint Function (from within an rdActor based Blueprint, the Event gets fired there), swap the call with a “rdGetFunctionCycles” node. Then in your EventGraph, add a “rdFunctionCyclesFunction” Event, and wire it up to the Function you’re wanting to profile.