rdSplineTools Tutorial 3. Straightening Sections

Another tool built into rdSplineTools is the “Straighten” tool. It arranged the points in-between the outer points in the selection to be As the Crow Flies, and sets their tangents accordingly.

Doing this can be a good optimization, your Blueprint can use ISMs rather than SplineMeshes for straight segments.

Step 1. Select 3 or more points in your Spline.

Select all the points including end points of the section of the spline you want to straighten. (hold ctrl to multi-select).

Step 1. Right-Click on a point, and select “Straighten”.

Now Right-Click on a selected point and choose “Straighten” from the rdSplineTools section of the context menu.

Step 3. Done.

That’s it – that section will now be straight. The start and end points have zeroed tangents so the segments around the straight part will also be less curved.