rdBPtools FAQ

Last Updated: 20th January 2023

Q. Does rdBPtools run on Linux?

A. Yes, rdBPtools is compatible in Linux, testing was done on Linux Mint.

Q. Does rdBPtools run on Mac?

A. rdBPtools hasn’t been tested on Mac, but it should work. If there are any issues, let me know and I’ll find a solution.

Q. How is this different from the Unreal “Create Blueprint from Selected Actors”?

A. rdBPtools has many more features than just that, but it has added extra features to provide things such as randomization, Instanced Static Meshes, Hierarchical objects in the Blueprints, and Dynamic Hiding/Showing/Moving.

Q. Is rdBPtools needed once I’ve finished my editing?

A. No, once you’ve created your Blueprints, rdBPtools is not needed. All information that rdBPtools stores remains intact even when rdBPtools is not installed.

Q. Can I get my actors back out of a Blueprint created with rdBPtools?

A. Yes you can, rdBPtools has options to either copy those actors back into the level, or replace existing Blueprints in the level. This also works with Blueprints you’ve created with the Epic “Create from Selected Actors”.