Section 3: The UI

There are three areas for using the rdLODtools tools, you can create and remove LODs straight from the Static Mesh Editor for single meshes – or you can select as many meshes as you want, then select the tools from the Context Menu that opens if you right-click. There is also a menu option in the main Tools menu.

Section 3.1: The Context Menu

The Context Menu that opens when you right click on selected Static Meshes is broken into 2 parts:

  1. Billboard and LOD Tools (In the Tools sub menu)
  2. LOD Tasks and Settings (In the Tasks sub menu)

The Billboard Tools menu provides you with ability to create or remove Billboard/Planar/Cubic/TriSprite LODs. These tools work in the same way as the tools in the Static Mesh Editor, so to find more details about each of these, check out Section 3.2.

In the Tasks menu, you will get different options depending on what is selected. rdLODtools looks for LOD sets when selected and shows tools for working with them.