rdMeshTools Manual version 1.10

Last Updated: 20th February 2023

Section 1: What does rdMeshTools do?

rdMeshTools is a UnrealEngine plug-in that adds tools to help make working with StaticMeshes quicker and easier.

  1. It has commands in the StaticMesh Editor to Scale/Rotate and Change the Pivot of the raw Mesh
  2. It has commands in the Context Menus of the Content Browser for Bulk changing of the selected StaticMeshes Scale/Rotation and Pivot Point – either with windows where you can specify the values, or quick access menu options with predefined values.

Section 2: The UI

There are two areas for using the rdMeshTools tools, you can edit straight from the StaticMesh Editor for single meshes – or you can select as many meshes as you want, then select the tools from the Context Menu that opens if you right-click.

Section 2.1: The Context Menu

The Context Menu that opens when you right click on selected StaticMeshes is broken into 3 parts:

  1. Main menu (just Stats)
  2. Mesh Tools (In the Tools sub menu)
  3. Mesh Tasks (In the Tasks sub menu)