rdMeshTools Manual version 1.30

Section 1: What does rdMeshTools do?

rdMeshTools is a UnrealEngine plug-in that adds tools to help make working with StaticMeshes quicker and easier.

  1. Menu commands in the StaticMesh Editor to Scale/Rotate/Mirror and Change the Pivot of the raw Mesh
  2. Menu commands in the Context Menus of the Content Browser for Bulk changing of the selected StaticMeshes Scale/Rotation/Mirror and Pivot Point – either with windows where you can specify the values, or quick access menu options with predefined values.
  3. Menu commands in the Epic Tools menu
  4. Menu commands from the world outliner and level menus for altering the meshes directly in your level
  5. Tools for quickly removing or adding simple collision (box, capsule and ‘trunk’)
  6. Tools to quickly add complex collision from meshes with same name and “_col” suffixed at the end
  7. Tools for creating new UV maps describing the spatial position of the current pixel
  8. Tools for creating spatial maps in the meshes Vertex Color data
  9. Tools to Copy/Paste/Sort Sockets
  10. Batch Renaming Tool
  11. Hotkey tool to quickly rename actor to a simplified StaticMesh name
  12. Tools to create new meshes from negatively scaled meshes in the level selection (replaced in level)
  13. Tools to create new meshes from customized material meshes in the level selection (replaced in level)

Section 2: The UI

There are four areas for using the rdMeshTools tools, you can edit straight from the StaticMesh Editor for single meshes – or you can select as many meshes as you want, then select the tools from the Context Menu that opens if you right-click. You can also select mesh actor instances in your level and right-click for a context menu there. There is also a Submenu in the Epic Tools menu (accessed from the main menu bar).

The following pages go through these menus explaining their uses: