Current Version: 1.00

Last Updated: 1st October 2023

rdRoads is a complete road creation tool for Unreal Engine.

All the road surface, lines, tire wear, edges and road markings are rendered by one material controlled by per primitive data or instance custom data. All textures are mask based and optimized for speed and VRAM usage. It supports 1 – 6 lanes, railway lines and gravel and dirt tracks.

The road system itself is a spline based creation tool. It allows for changing settings at any point in the road, including changing lanes, adding footpaths, powerlines and complete house sections.

Two roads are supported side-by-side – giving the ability to have 12 lane motorways.

Used in conjunction with rdSplineTools, you can edit your roads simply by dragging the spline points – roads automatically turn to intersections or lane additions when dragged close to another road. The spline points snap into lanes when dragging too.