rdSplineTools Manual version 1.10

rdSplinesTools provides tools for working with Splines.

It’s main features are:

  • Split large spline up into smaller splines, all maintained as if they were still one large one
  • Drag SubSplines out from their parent to make them normal Splines
  • Add Child Splines at any Spline Point
  • Straighten/Align Segments
  • Snap to Mesh Sockets
  • Place Spline points on landscape
  • Subdivide Splines
  • Simplify Splines
  • Convert Landscape Splines to Blueprint Splines (experimental)
  • Shift/Scale/Rotate Landscape Splines (just shift implemented at present)
  • Copy Spline data to Clipboard (in a text format)
  • Create Spline data from Clipboard

Using rdSplineTools is straight-forward. There are menu entries in the World Editor/Outliner, The Epic Tools menu and in the Spline Context Menu.