rdSplineTools Tutorial 1. Splitting Splines

This first tutorial is a simple introduction on how to split your spline to speed up editing.

Step 1. Create your Spline

Create you spline, if it’s going to be large – it can help to turn off any mesh building while you initially lay out your spline points. rdRoads has a flag called “NoDraw”, just tick that – and you’ll be left with just the spline to edit.

Step 2. Work out how many SubSplines to split it into.

The first step is to decide how many sections would be optimal for your spline. The spline I’m splitting here is the main arterial road around my main island, which is 25km2 – I firstly placed points around the island where I wanted the road to be, then went through and added more points in-between in areas that are curved or changing gradient. That results in 48 points for the spline.

Step 3. Split it.

I find a good size for each SubSpline is around 6 points, so 48/6=8 so I split into 8 parts.

Step 4. Done.

That’s really is all there is to it – the only difference you should see is that your Blueprint containing the spline now has children splines.