rdTexTools Tutorial 9 – Creating a Masked Noise Texture for Detiling

Tutorial 7 Introduces you to the Noise Tool, showing how to create rotation and scale maps as well as normal maps.

In this tutorial we’re going to create a noise map which only affects the outside area of the texture, this can sometimes be useful to localize the areas for de-tiling.

Step 1. Create or Download the edge mask.

The first thing to do is to create the mask we’re going to use when generating the noise. This is a simple fade from edge texture, starting with 1 on the outside and ending with 0 towards the center. Either create a texture like this in your image editing software, or download This One and unzip, then import to your project.

Step 2. Open the Noise Generator Window and choose the settings

To maintain image definition, we just want to mix up some small areas around the outside of the texture – this is a good solution for textures that tile fairly well apart from some small areas.

Perlin FBM is a good noise to use for this as it separates out into “islands” nicely. Choose this noise type, and leave the BaseLine and Falloff values as their defaults.

Make sure to tick Mask,Rotation and Scale for the Layers and give your texture a name.

Then select the imported “T_MaskForNoise” texture in the Mask value.

If you want, click the “Generate new Seed” button until you’re happy with the pattern, and adjust the scale and offset.

Once you’re happy with that, click the “Create” button.

Step 3. Done.

That’s it – the new texture will be created and optionally opened in the Texture Editor if you have that ticked.