rdLODtools tutorial 14 – Creating Custom Collision meshes from LODs

Sometime you want to get something between a complex collision and a simple one – here’s another use for the Extract LOD tool in rdLODtools.

In this tutorial we are going to create a simplified version of the mesh reduced in the previous tutorial and use it as the collision mesh.

Step 1. Open the original Cliff mesh in the Static Mesh Editor

Open the Cliff Mesh that you added a LOD to in the previous tutorial, select that LOD for editing, and change the Reduction Value down to 0.1% and hit the Apply button.

Step 2. Check out the mesh detail using “WireFrame” Mode

Have a look at the polygons in the mesh by using the Show->WireFrame mode – make sure it’s giving you the detail you want for collision:

Step 3. Extract the LOD

Now extract the LOD – make sure the Rename the mesh created in the previous tutorial otherwise it will be overwritten.

Step 4. Select this Mesh as the Collision Mesh

Now open your reduced mesh from the previous tutorial into the StaticMesh Editor, and locate the “Collision Mesh” setting in the details panel. Choose the newly extracted mesh.

Step 5. Done – your collision is set.

That’s all there is to it. Your completely customized collision is now set.