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rdLODtools Tutorial 6 – Getting Billboards working on ES3.1 Shaders

Note: This is only for rdLODtools versions before 1.3. In the latest versions, the shaders are compatible with ES3.1.

Option 1

To get these running onES3.1 shaders requires a few little changes in the base material blueprint.

The Static Bool Switch is used in Billboard shaders to select which shader system, either Planar or Billboard as of writing and ES3.1 does not support this Node.

  1. Use the “Copy Master Materials” option to create a local copy of the “M_rdLODmaster2” master material.
  2. Open this in the Material Editor and locate the Node “Billboard – Static Bool Param”
  3. Trace it through to the 3 “Switch” Nodes, one in “Calculate Frame UVs”, one in “Normal” and one in “World Position Offset”
  4. Hard-Link the previous node (the one you want for Planar (the False option) or Billboard (the True option) of those Nodes to the following Nodes and delete the Switch Nodes.
  5. Finally delete the Billboard “Static Bool Param” Node.
  6. Save.

Option 2

Optionally, you can contact me via email for a download link to the Planar and Billboard base material blueprints (version 4.22 and up).