rdSplineTools Tutorial 9 – Transforming Landscape Splines

This tool can be using to shift all landscape splines by an offset. Support for scale and rotation will be added in the next release.

This tutorial shows a simple example of shifting all landscape splines by 5000 units in the x axis.

Step 1. Create or Load your Landscape Spline

Either create a new Landscape Spline from Landscape Mode or load a Level with an existing one.

Step 2. Open the Landscape Spline Transform Window

Now go to the main menu bar and open the Tools menu, Select the rdTools Submenu, then rdSplineTools -> Landscape Splines -> Transform.

Step 3. Enter your Shift Amount

Enter the values in Epic Units that you want to shift the Splines, in this example we are shifting them by 5000 units in the X axis.

Step 4. Done.

Just click the Transform button and your Landscape Splines will be shifted. (Hard to tell from the snapshot, but they shifted)