rdSplineTools is an Editor Plugin that provides tools for working with Splines. The main features are:

  • Split/Join Splines
  • Add child Splines to any point
  • Copy/Paste Spline data to the Clipboard
  • Align Spline Points in various ways
  • Align Spline Points to ground
  • Sub-divide Splines
  • Simplify Splines
  • Convert Landscape Splines into Blueprint Splines (experimental)
  • Transform all Landscape Splines – Shift/Rotate/Scale
  • Snap Spline points to mesh sockets while being dragged
  • Send Blueprints events about things such as intersection joining while dragging points

Easy to use menu options are added to the World Outliner, the Epic Tools menu and the Spline Menus.

Splitting/Joining Splines

The Split Tools speed up the editing of large splines in your Unreal Engine levels by huge amounts without the need to move to other forms of spline mesh creation.

It seamlessly splits splines into as many sub-splines as you wish – editing a subspline has no impact on other subsplines unless their end points match, in which case the matching end point moves accordingly.

You can also add new splines attached to the main spline (eg, sub-roads at intersections etc).

Sub-dividing/Simplifying Spline Points

You can sub-divide or remove points from sections of your spline with rdSplineTools – it’s a simple as selecting the amount from a SubMenu in the Context Menu.

Socket Snapping

When editing your spline points, if you hold down “z” while dragging, the point Snaps to the closest Socket on the SplineMeshes (any socket within a radius). If you hold down “x” while “z” is held, it calls a custom function you can create in your spline blueprint to create any type of snapping you wish.

Copy/Paste from Clipboard

Another tool included provides the ability to copy all spline point data to the clipboard from where you can paste into a text file (or source file) as a backup. Then you can copy that back to the spline if you ever want to revert it.

Convert Landscape Splines

rdSplineTools also makes it very easy to convert your landscape splines to a Blueprint Spline with your choice of BaseClass.