rdBuildBuddy FAQ

Last Updated: 20th January 2023

Q. Does rdBuildBuddy run on Mac and Linux?

A. Yes, rdBPtools is compatible with Mac and Linux as it is a Blueprint only system.

Q. Do the built objects run on Android and IOS

A. Yes the build objects are all just Blueprints or StaticMeshes, they will be compatible with all devices where the source is compatible (e.g. some complex materials may not work on simpler devices).

Q. Can rdBuildBuddy create Instanced Static Meshes without a plugin?

A. Yes, it creates Instanced Static Meshes, but each Placement actor has their own set of ISMCs.

Q. Is rdBuildBuddy compatible with your other products rdInst and rdBPtools?

A. Yes, you can use rdInst for the Instances and Actor creation – and use it’s powerful and fast randomization system either from rdInst actors or Blueprints created with rdBPtools.

Q. Is it possible to convert the output of rdBuildBuddy to Static Meshes?

A. Yes you can, It works out of the box with the Merge Actors system.