rdSplineTools Tutorial 12 – Subdividing and Simplifying Splines

The Subdivide and Simplify tools useful for adding more detail, or cleaning up sections of splines.

Just select the spline and use the Subdivide/Unsubdivide options in the Context Menu.

Step 1. Create or load a Blueprint Spline

The first step is to create a spline, or load an existing one.

Step 2. Right-Click – Subdivide

Now right-click on your spline actor in the outliner and select the Subdivide->5 option in the rdSplineTools Submenu:

That gives us:

Step 3. Simplify (Unsubdivide)

Now Right-Click on the spline actor in the outliner and choose the Unsubdive->5 option in the rdSplineTools Section:

Step 4. Done

Now we’re back to where it started: