rdSplineTools Tutorial 8 – Converting Landscape Splines to Blueprint

Note: This feature supports Landscape Splines that have LandscapeSplineActors – WorldPartition uses them.
To convert other landscape splines, just select all segments from the Spline Edit mode in Landscape Mode and copy to clipboard (you may need to focus the level by clicking and dragging the right-mouse in the viewport). Then just paste them into a default WP level and convert from there (See Step 5.).

This tutorial firstly steps through a simple conversion of a WP Landscape Spline to a BP Spline – then shows converting a landscape spline from a non-world partition level.

Step 1. Create or load a Landscape Spline in a World Partition level

The first step is to create a landscape spline in a World Partition level, or load a WP level with an existing one.

Step 2. Use the Convert Tool

Now just select the “Convert Landscape Spline” tool from the main ToolMenu

Step 3. Select the Class to Use

Now choose the Class you want to use for the spline – It must include a SplineComponent to work.

Step 4. Done

That’s it, now you have a BP spline – if you ticked “Remove Landscape Splines” they will also be gone.

See how it creates a lot of points – you can use the Un-subdivide tool to simplify it:

Step 5. Create a new non-world partition Level

Now we’re going to convert a non-world partitions landscape splines to Blueprint. Create or load a non-WP level and add some landscape splines.

Step 6. Draw out a Landscape Spline

Go into Landscape Mode, the manage tab and the Splines section and add some splines to the landscape.

Step 7. Select all Spline Segments and Copy to Clipboard

Now click the “Select All Segments” button, focus the main view by dragging in the viewport a little with the right-mouse button and then click Ctrl+C to copy to the clipboard.

Step 8. Create a new WP Level and Paste Splines in.

Create a new level that’s World Partition (or open an existing one with no landscape splines). Go to Landscape Mode -> Manage -> Splines and then hit Ctrl+V to paste the splines into the level.

Step 9. Convert to Blueprint

Now we can proceed like Step 2. -> Step 4. – convert the spline and simplify.

Step 10. Copy the Blueprint Splines back to your original level.

Now just go back to “Selection Mode”, select all your new Blueprint Splines in the outliner – right-click and select “Edit->Copy”. Then reopen your original level, right-click in a blank area of the outliner and select “Edit->Paste”.

Step 11. Done.

That’s it – you now have your Blueprint Splines created from the Landscape Splines data.