rdMeshTools Tutorial 10 – Copying and Pasting Sockets between meshes

Every now and again when working with Meshes you need to recreate your sockets in another mesh – Murphy’s Law – it’s when you have a lot of sockets.

This is how this tool was born – it gives you the ability to copy all sockets in a mesh to the Clipboard – and then create them in another mesh by pasting.

This tutorial copies some sockets from one road mesh to another.

Step 1. Import your meshes to UE

Import your road meshes – in this tutorial we have two road meshes of the same lane sizes – but one is raised slightly and has tapered sides, the other has more subdivisions and is flat – used for rendering to RVTs.

Step 2. Copy the Sockets to Clipboard

I’ve already created the sockets on the SplineMesh version here, you can create any set of sockets for this example.

In the StaticMeshEditor, select the “Copy Sockets to Clipboard” in the Sockets Submenu of the rdMeshTools Toolbar item.

Step 3. Paste them into the other Mesh

Now open the RVT mesh in the StaticMeshEditor and choose the “Paste Sockets from Clipboard” option

Step 4. Done.

The Sockets will now be created in the new Mesh. In some versions of UE the Socket list doesn’t update – you’ll need to close the StaticMeshEditor and re-open to see the changes (they appear in the main view).