rdTexTools FAQ

Last Updated: 20th January 2023

Q. Will merging on skeletal meshes be added?

A. This may be done in another product in the future.

Q. What are you plans for keeping this up to date with future versions of UE?

A. I plan to keep updating it regularly and as soon after a release as possible.

Q. Does rdTexTools need to be installed when working with the output textures?

A. No, once you’ve edited your textures, you no longer need rdTexTools installed.

Q. Does rdTexTools run on Linux?

A. Yes, it runs on Linux, the most testing has been done with Linux Mint.

Q. Does rdTexTools run on Mac?

A. It hasn’t been tested, but it should be able to be compiled and run on Mac. If anyone has issues, let me know and I will help provide a solution.

Q. Are Textures created/edited by rdTexTools compatible with Andoid and IOS?

A. Yes, they are just normal textures, so are compatible with all devices.

Q. Do I need rdTexTools installed once I have edited my Textures?

A. No, you can copy/migrate to other machines etc without the need to install rdTexTools.