Tips to keep the Editor and Runtime Fast

last updated: 25th July 2023

rdBPtools allows you to build some very complex sets of meshes – by nesting Blueprints, you can easily en-mass large amounts of actors in your level.

A lot of effort has been put into making the whole experience smooth and fast, but it’s just not possible to edit huge amounts of actors quickly – the editor has to do a lot of things behind the scenes when you’re editing these actors.

Here are some tips to keep both the runtime executing smoothing and also the Editor:

  • Convert as many Static Meshes to “Instanced Static Meshes” as you can.
  • Use the rdInst plugin, at least while editing – it speeds everything up by large amounts.
  • Hide as many assets in your Blueprints by default as possible – have them show on demand.
  • If a Blueprint has a lot of meshes in it – consider converting it into one static mesh (see tutorial 9).
  • If you’re dealing with 1000’s of Blueprints at once, consider stripping the Blueprint down to a minimum until everything is built, then recreate it.