rdBPtools – BenchMarks

Last Updated: 2nd August 2023

rdBPtools creates highly optimized assets – fully instanced and with the minimum of components. Actors, child actors, and their components are assimilated into a single blueprint with only things like interactive objects, lights and environment actors being included as components or attached actors.

To show how massive the performance savings are, here is a collection of benchmarks of various types of prefab type blueprint. And keep in mind that with the rdBPtools blueprints – any single mesh in the blueprint can be converted back to an interactive actor quickly and easily (unlike all but the original form). For example a bottle in a fridge in the service station can be “taken”, or a shelf could be converted and then have force applied for physical interaction…

Each type is tested (rendering tests and editing tests):

  • In their original form (usually actors in a level).
  • Built as a Blueprint from the default “Create Blueprint” tool in UE.
  • Instanced using the default MergeActors instancing tool.
  • Merged into a single mesh. (Instanced)
  • Merged into a PackedLevelActor
  • Built using rdBPtools and the default instancing system.
  • Built using rdBPtools and the rdInst instancing system.


ActorsEpic PrefabBatchInstPackedLAMergedMeshBPtools1BPtools2
1. Product Shelf1.61.62.632.84.05
2. Convenience Store2.
3. Motel Room1.
4. Motel ExteriorN/A1.42.42.633.25