rdBPtool Tutorial 17 – Harvesting ISMs from PCG Volumes

rdBPtools version 1.10 introduces a number of new features. One of which is being able to harvest all the ISMs and HISMs contained in the selected actors/volumes.

Step 1. Add a populated PCG volume

Add you PCG volume as you would normally and generate it’s meshes.

Step 2. Select in the Outliner and Harvest

Now you can just select your PCG volume in the world outliner, right-click and select either “Blueprint” or “StaticMesh Actors” from the menu in the rdBPtools section. Selecting “Blueprint” opens the settings window for creating blueprints, allowing you to customize to how you want.

Step 3. Done

That’s it – now your PCG mesh instances will be either added to your level as StaticMesh Actors, or a new Blueprint will have been created containing those instances.