rdBPtools Tutorial 18 – Moving ISMs/HISMs and Static Meshes to Foliage

rdBPtools brought another new tool – the ability to move static meshes, ISMs and HISMs over to the Foliage system. It’s now easy to move instances to and from Foliage.

It’s straight forward and quick to do, just follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Blueprints and Meshes in your level

Select the Blueprints (containing StaticMesh Components and/or StaticMesh Instances) and/or StaticMesh Actors in your level that you want to move to the Foliage system. You can do this either from the world itself, or from the outliner.

Step 2. Right-Click and select the Move To Foliage tool

Now right-click on your selection, and choose the “Move to Foliage” tool in the rdBPtools section of the menu.

Step 3. Done

Done, that’s it – the selected meshes will now all be part of the Foliage system and their actors/blueprints will have been removed. If your level has WorldPartition enabled, the instances are added to the correct partition’s instance handlers.