Building the rdInst Plugin

last updated: 14th November 2022

Under normal circumstances you shouldn’t need to manually build rdInst. The only time a compile does usually happen is when packaging, and that shouldn’t require any attention from you.

The Marketplace has version 4.27 as the earliest build, but the project will compile down to 4.25 without any changes, Just copy the rdInst folder to your earlier Engines /plugins/Marketplace/ folder and start UE – it will build it.

If however you are wanting to build it yourself, maybe for another OS, here’s some tips:

First, when building on Windows, make sure you have the correct version of Visual Studio installed for the version of UE you are using:

  • UE4.25 – Visual Studio 2017
  • UE4.26 – Visual Studio 2017
  • UE4.27 – Visual Studio 2019
  • UE5.00 – Visual Studio 2022
  • UE5.10 – Visual Studio 2022

If you’re building it for Linux on Linux, you just use the make utility.

If you’re building it on Mac, you’ll need a slightly different approach:

  1. Create a blank C++ project in UE.
  2. Create a folder named “plugins” inside that project.
  3. Copy the rdInst folder into that folder.
  4. Add “OSX” to the whitelist inside the .uplugin file.
  5. Generate the XCode files by right clicking the uproject file and selecting the option in the Services Submenu.
  6. Double click the uproject file to open UE.
  7. Compile.

(Note: At this point it has not been tested on Mac, but there are no known issues with it working)

If you’re cross-compiling for Linux on Windows, be sure to have the correct toolchain installed:

If you’re building for Android, be sure to have Android Studio installed: