rdInst Tutorial 9 – Handling Actor Movement

Last Updated: 15th November 2022

rdInst has been optimized for stationary Instances, but provisions are there for dynamically moving Instances.

If you’re wanting to move your rdActors during gameplay, you’ll be in charge of instructing the Actor to update its instances – don’t worry, all you have to do is call “rdUpdateISMTransforms”, it does all the work. Doing it this way allows for the most optimal way of updating, you don’t have to do unnecessary tests and won’t be tying up Ticks or timer based functions.

Having said that, if you want an easy, generic way of handling all runtime movement of your actor, just do this:

Step 1. Create some type of Movement

In this example, we’ll just rotate a Picture around at a constant speed. The Motel example used in various places has a Picture Blueprint which randomly chooses a picture to show. We can just add to the Tick in that Blueprint to add our little bit of code:

Step 2. Done

That’s all that was needed – as simple as that!